Mess-Free Leaf Painting

We are officially in the fall mood over here! We have started decorating, planning trips to the farm, and crafting. Now I would love to say the North Carolina weather was on the same page, but sadly it is not. Since the leaves have not started falling, we created our own. This mess-free leaf painting activity helped curb our desire for fall.

What you will need:

  • Gallon ziplock bags
  • Paint (We used fall colors)
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Tape

I went ahead and printed out a leaf template and cut it out. If you are more of an artist than I, feel free to draw your own leaf or have your kiddo draw it themselves. I used cardstock so that the leaf would keep its shape while pushing the paint around. Once you have your leaf template cut out you will want to tape it to your ziplock bag. Make sure it is secure, so it doesn’t move around while painting.

Next, pour your paint colors of choice into the bag. Have your kiddo move the colors around until the leaf template it completely filled. We continued to move the paint around and mix the colors to create new ones. We spoke about how we can create new colors by mixing two different colors together.

The kids loved moving the paint from one side to the other, making shapes, and drawing their own designs. The feeling of the paint inside the bag was also intriguing. I am not going to lie, I played with the leaves once the kiddos were done.

Once the kiddos are finished, just toss the bag in the trash and clean up is done. You can also keep it for later in the day when they want to play with it once more. It truly is an easy and mess-free project you can do using any design.

Hope you enjoy!
XO Kate & Elizabeth


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