Quiet Time Look & Find

As I plan our first road trip of many, my wheels begin to turn on quiet time activities. Finding quiet activities to keep those little minds busy during long car rides is key. To make sure that boredom doesn’t turn into meltdowns, it’s best to make sure your kiddos have something to focus on. A Look & Find bottle is a great quiet toy that will keep them busy for a long stretch of time.

What you will need:

  • Empty water bottle
  • Rice (I used the rice from our current Sensory bin )
  • Funnel or Cup with a spout
  • Knick knacks
  • Hot Glue or Tape

Onto the part you are really interested in, the how to:

First, you’ll want to find a few fun little knick knacks from around the house. Check in those junk drawers, we all have one or two, the playroom, and those hidden spots like under the couch. Once you have your items, create a checklist of everything your kiddo is going to search for. This will come in handy later on.

Next, find a little helper. Creating the Look & Find bottle is almost as fun as playing with it once it is done. Have your little one fill the bottle about half way up with rice, eyeballing is perfectly okay! You can use a funnel or a cup with a spout, whichever is easiest for your kiddo.

Add a few of your knick knacks, and then add another layer of rice, enough to cover them. Repeat this step until all of the knickknacks are used and the bottle is full. When the bottle is completely full, screw the lid on tight. To make sure the top doesn’t come off, you can add hot glue to the inside of the lid or tape around the outside.

Now, since my three year old can’t read yet, I keep the list for myself. The list allows me to ask them to search for different items and to check them off as they are found. If your child is able to read, tape the list to the outside of the bottle and have them find each item.

Just like that you have created your very own Look & Find bottle.

We would love to hear about your quiet time activities.

XO Kate


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